What is the 'Donate' Button and how does it work?

We understand that many authors are "up and comers" and might appreciate receiving monetary support to keep writing. Therefore, readers who enjoy a certain book and wish to support its author can click on the "Donate to Author" button next to a book's listing (where applicable) and send a donation via PayPal.com. All donations go directly to the author's Paypal account. Foboko does not get involved in the process in any way or receives any part of the donations. If you are an author, you may choose to accept donations by adding your Paypal address at the bottom of you Profile page:

1) Please login here

2) Once logged in, go to 'Account' (very top f the screen), then ‘Settings’ and then ‘account’ (this one is on the left side of the page)

3) You'll see an option to add your PayPal email address at the bottom

NOTE: we can only use PayPal at the moment

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