How can I add an eBook to my Kindle, Nook, Kobo or other eReader?

The majority (but not all) of our books are offered in both the ePub and Mobi formats:

If you are using a Kindle, please select the Mobi format.

If you are using another eReader, please use the ePub format.

1) Select the appropriate format (Kindle: Mobi, other eReader: ePub)

2) Save the file to a location you can recall on your computer

3) Connect your eReader to your computer via your USB cable

4) Your eReader should now appear on your computer in the same location you would normally find an external USB drive. (In Windows go to the 'Start' menu then 'Computer' or for Macs it should appear on your desktop)

5) Click on the eReader and open the folders until you locate the folder where the eBooks on your eReader are stored.

6) Now copy/paste the file (eBooks) you had originally downloaded to your computer (step 2 above) to your device's eBook folder

7) Unplug your device and you're all set!

IMPORTANT:  do you the overwhelming variety of eReaders available in today’s marketplace we simply CANNOT be familiar with the exact process each device requires. Please check your device’s manual or contact the manufacture for further downloading assistance.

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